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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 28, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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see what happens that leaves wedding guests stunned. >> black diamond. double black diamond. all these different classifications for different extreme sports. 9 a is one of the toughest climbing routes you can achieve. we're watching laura in italy pull this off. the tv put this together of her epic climb. she's plotting her route very carefully because it gets progressively more difficult. it will start around an 8a and gets tougher towards the end. >> she's like spider woman. >> this spot right here where she takes a rest, she's perched like a bird up on that little rock cropping. >> she's knee climbing. at some point she has to take her hand off and clip her own rope through. >> she's a championship lead climber and boulder champion. she's only 14 years old.
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>> what? >> look at the muscles in her back. >> she started climbing when she was 7. she scored those championships in italy in the same year. now the route gets particularly difficult. >> spin around. >> come on. >> she's got a few more feet to make. >> she's not hanging from her foot. >> this girl is really good. >> now she completes this 9a route. this makes her the first female italian ever to do a route this difficult. and the second youngest ever to complete a route like this. that makes her one of the best in the world at just 14 years old. >> in the middle eastern country of oman it's illegal to have a child out of wedlock and that's why police believe this little
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girl was abandoned. >> no. >> what you're seeing is a video of paramedics treating this little girl. they believe she's no older than 2 days old. the umbilical cord was still attached. officers spotted the baby in a remote area. she could have been there for quite some time before being discovered. >> this is what happens when you have ash cane laws. >> they don't have what we have in our country that are safe harbor laws where you can legally leave a child and have no questions asked. they don't have that here. >> i just wish that women in other countries knew that there was help for them, that they don't have to do this. but, obviously, you're living in a society where your fear ostracization if you have a baby
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out of wedlock. >> you don't even know if it's the mother left the baby. >> in man when babies are abandoned like this and this has happened before they are given names and birth certificates and citizenship papers and given to families who will adopt them. obviously, they hope to have a good end to a story that starts out really, really badly. this video comes from the beautiful bay area in california. it features these gorgeous ducati motorcycles. one being ridden by oscar the grouch. they are gathering for the monster mash group ride. they bring as many ducati motorcycles together as they can. that's one of the ducati motorcycles. must have been too grumpy to put gas in his motorcycle.
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>> there's a phrase in the motorcycle community, never pass gas. >> mr. grouch has a tiny little bit of gasoline left. before they get anywhere near a gas station oscar the group of does run out of juice and instead of stopping and riding over, grabbing a gallon of gasoline, oscar man over here grabs on to the arm of the other motorcyclist. and very slowly just treks along the road. >> super dangerous. not terribly efficient. does this work. do they get him to a gas station? >> are you kidding? of course it works. eventually you see we do get to a gas station. >> lucky that he ran out of gas where he did and not miles and miles away. hey, hey, it's time to give away another ipad mini.
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>> up need friday's buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of united states or canada. >> the buzz word is coming up in just a bit. >> stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. when it comes to an incredible likeness, this takes the cake. >> you better call saul. >> that's from better call saul from "breaking bad". this, believe it or not, is a cake. >> no, it's not. >> i thought you were going to tell me it was a wax scaulpture. >> the layers of cakes were put together and uploaded to instagram. i know him as the henchman from beverly hills cop. >> what did she use to make this? >> i believe it's meth.
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honestly i don't know. there was no video to show it being made. apparently this is for an amc event. >> right down to the button on the shirt. the attention to detail is spot on. >> this is the sweetest this guy has ever been. something doesn't seem right. >> you see a young teenage girl walking alongside a man down an alley. >> oh, gosh, what on earth is happening. >> how her quick thinking saved her life. >> she was scared but obviously still thinking. entertaining way to pass time in a hospital waiting room. >> do we know what she's watching >> her kids. >> hilarious to put her on a reeler coaster. look at the emotional roller coaster. we call what you're experiencing communication issues.
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. this has got to be a parent's worst nightmare. you see a young teenage girl walking alongside a man down an alley. >> oh, gosh what on earth is happening. >> it doesn't feel right. suddenly you hear screaming.
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and another man walks in and the teen girl jumps behind him. >> i have a feeling this was an attempted kidnapping and she u.s. escaped from him. she was heading home when this guy snatched her. she was 32 feet from home. these two dudes are looking for a parking spot. she sees them starts screaming and they save her. >> oh, my gosh. that was quick thinking on her part. >> what happened to the other guy >> he took off. never to be found. never caught him. >> these two guys that's why she's hiding behind them. >> they happened to be at the right place at the right time. she's young. she's a school girl. late. scared. but still thinking. >> buddy system always works. >> this takes place in newport wales. they call him a teenager because he's 19-year-old. he runs into this post office, pulls out a gun and holds it to
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the clerk's face. >> i have a feeling it's a toy gun. >> it's a bb gun. the thought is the reason why folks around the register started laughing. then he takes the gun and points it at the head of the person behind the register. that person runs away. he turned himself in. he said once he got thought in his head he just had to do it but facing four years in prison as a result. >> well, now you'll get that experience too. the lines between reality and fantasy is becoming so thin it's starting to crack especially when you go experience virtual reality. this guy is checking it out and he's virtually finding a tree. keep watching this video. in just a few seconds things are going to be very real for him.
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wow. >> this is great. look at that. >> it's not real. >> it's really funny. every single time. now virtual reality isn't just for the enjoyment of the people wearing the goggles, it's also -- >> no kidding. >> we really enjoyed that. also, obviously, for the people around like the people in this waiting room at this hospital their dad has just gone into surgery. this is how they are going spend their waiting time. her kids -- hilarious to put her on a roller coaster. [ laughter ]
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>> she is jumping in her chair, freaking out, leaning from one side to the other, kicking her legs up. everyone around her is cracking up. >> never mind the fact they are in a hospital waiting room where other people may be getting some bad news. >> yeah. but the best medicine is laughter. >> that's true because especially their dad is getting a liver and kidney transplant and he's been wait forge a long time. the thing he is lost his job because of this. so the family has set up a go fund me page. if you want to check that out and help the family out, go to "right this minute" and check it out on our mobile app. one thing that is sure to please every single time, baby
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play time especially when it involves animal babies. let's take this pachyderm. they are young. the younger one is playing let's climb the elephant. >> wwe is what they are doing. >> the cutest wwe you've ever seen. look at that. as you can see, the elephant has a hard time playing piggyback. >> i wish we could play with elephants like. they are so cute. but they could totally crush you. >> even the tiny ones can grab a hold of you and rip your arm out of the socket. >> we got elephant down. elephant down. it's adorable. >> one, two, three, you're out! >> these two adorable cubs enjoy bath time. they are 10 months old. they are in a wild animal sanc turn ary in california. they are popular now because of
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their antics in the bathtub. you know how hard it is to get kids in the tub. >> it's fun to see cubs playing like this in the water because you can clearly see how much they enjoy it and there's something super awesome about it. >> you can get closer because mom is not around. if you saw that, would you have to take off. and a new trick shot. see what she's able to pull off. plus it's time to test your luck. don't miss the buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini.
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lovers, your dream has become a reality. ♪ that's right. the guest is opening up a three day pop up restaurant called the tiny cafe. >> oh, man the line is going to be way out the door. >> it offers tiny food reviews. this is a match made in heaven. >> how do you fine it? >> it's happening in new york city and folks are loving it. it's only three days. starts the 27th and runs through the 29th. you'll have some time to check it out. >> you'll still be hungry after you threat. >> save your money. it's free! ? >> even better.
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i'm telling you it's fascinating. the restaurant chefs are excited making burgers, pizza, cookies from these popular places but it's a win-win situation. >> sweep them all. >> they are asking folks to post pictures of their food online using the #tiny cafe. her tiny cafe food. >> you still have some time to check it out. 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> smallest thing in new york food. golf. golf hates me. a couple of videos that's rubbing my face it in it. first one.
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>> what was that? >> watch it again. he does it back-to-back. another ball up on the tee. lines up the shot. firmly turns his club upside down and then. >> oh, my goodness. on the backswing? >> he turns it upside down, flips at any time wrong way, takes his hand back as he is swinging catches it in the right place and then drives it off the tee with perfection. >> taylor langbourne has already picked up thousands of likes. this next one, she's been trying to do it for a while. she can't believe she pulls it off. >> i don't know what she's surprised about. she's got a huge following on instagram. she's a professional golfer. not just trick shots but another
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one. >> it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you need the buzz word, be 21 years old and a legal resident of united states or canada. enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both and use each every day. >> today's buzz word is spooky. >> get over to and enter the word spooky. next week another bonus giveaway. you can enter a big screen tv. they are about to say their i dos. >> see what the groom does next. >> he's g g
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3:55 pm and see it on our mobile app. it's the big day. the stage is set. the best man is in place.
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the preacher is there. the bride and groom are ready. now it's time for a prank. >> no! >> may i have the rings, please? >> i love it. >> stewart and his bride are standing there while stewart turns to his mate, hey robert, you don't have the ring? >> yes! >> i think i left it at home. >> up better get going then. >> sorry. designee runs out -- he runs out of the church. >> right about now the mrs. is saying i'm not sure i love you. here we go.
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he's going to do anything to get those rings. >> come on! >> got to stop for a pint. always time for a pint. >> what is that? >> that was a brussel sprout. >> i couldn't make it out either. >> the british are weird. >> finally makes his way into his house. and after all that he hops in a taxi to get back. the guests applaud him.
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[ applause ] >> that's it for today's show. we'll see you next time.
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>> oh, my god. >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> wow. look at that. this amazing cell phone video just came in to our newsroom. it's from a passenger on american airlines flight 383 and shows everyone frantically evacuating the plane as the pilot aborted takeoff at chicago's o'hare international airport. that's scary. i'm am at daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. this was complete panic in chicago. one passenger on board described the evacuation actually as coordinated chaos but complimented the flight crew for helping everybody get off the plane, and it only took about a minute. american airlines say


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